Wild52 Casino Betting Field

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Basic Play of the Game

Player begins by placing a bet in the ANTE circle and choosing to play the optional “BONUS” and “JOKER” bets. Five cards are dealt to each of the players and to the dealer, with ( 2 ) community cards dealt face down in middle of table. All the players and the dealer can use the community cards to help make their best " 5-card hand ". Keep in mind that there is the inclusion of ( 1 ) "Joker" which is completely WILD and can represent ANY card the holder wants it to be.

The dealer must have a qualifying hand of a pair of "5's" or better. The BONUS and JOKER bets remain in play and will be paid even if the dealer does not qualify or the player "Folds" prior to the end of the hand.

Optional Joker Bet

WILD 52 has a JOKER bet which allows the player to win if it appears in the player's five card hand or in one of the two community cards. When the Joker appears in one of the community cards, the payout is 10 to 1. If it shows up as one of the player's cards, the payout will be 4 to 1.

Optional Bonus Bet

The following are the payouts for a winning BONUS bet.

Any Five Card Straight 2 to 1
Any Five Card Flush 3 to 1
Any Full House 5 to 1
Four of a Kind With Joker 20 to 1
Four of a Kind Without Joker 25 to 1
Straight Flush With Joker 50 to 1
Straight Flush Without Joker 100 to 1
Royal Flush With Joker 150 to 1
Royal Flush Without Joker 200 to 1
Five of a Kind (Deuces thru Kings) 250 to 1
Five of a Kind (Aces) 1000 to 1